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Mother Goose - Buying Guide

A FREE simple guide to buying your next property

Below is our jargon-free guide to the stages for buying a property.
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We would advise you to arrange to market your property for sale before you start your new property search.

Most sellers are reluctant to accept any offers if the buyer has a home for sale that is not yet on the market.

Why not contact a member of our team if you have a property that you would like us to value.

Stage 1:

Do You Have A Property To Sell?

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Stage 2:

What's Your Budget?

Independent Mortgage Calculator
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An independent financial advisor is always best placed to advise you on how much you will be able to afford.

Mother Goose would always recommend an independent advisor as they will be able to offer different mortgage products from various lenders.

Why not do some sums yourself and use a mortgage calculator to get an idea of your budget.

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First of we strongly recommend speaking with a member of our team to discuss your search criteria and needs as well as passing on your details.

Why not register on our database, this will ensure that you are notified about our new properties before they are marketed.

Stage 3:

Should I Register My Details?

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Stage 4:

How Do I Find My Dream Property?

Property Search
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Searching for a property is always fun, as long as you stay within realistic means and know what your requirements are. We recommend making a short list of 'essentials' - This always helps when it comes to the property viewings.

When viewing a property make sure you know what you’re looking for before you arrive with a list of ‘must have’ and ‘preferred’ criteria for your new home.

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Negotiating an offer is never easy. Once you have found the property of your dreams, the next step is to make an offer.  

It is important to consider a variety of factors when choosing your price level in order to achieve the right deal for you.

Take a step back to logically look at all the things that matter to you before making your offer.

Stage 5:

How Do I Make An Offer?

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Stage 6:

Should I Get A Survey?

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Once an offer has been accepted and a solicitor instructed, you should think about getting a survey conducted on the property.

The survey acts as a kind of health check on the property you are buying and will inform you of any major problems or defects that lie within the structure of the building itself, which could be problematic or expensive to rectify.

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The legal process in buying and selling is known as conveyancing.

Your solicitor will examine the draft contract and supporting documents and raise enquiries with the sellers solicitor.

Once you have exchanged contracts you will be in a legally binding contract to buy the property with a fixed date for completion.

Stage 7:

What's The Legal Process?

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Stage 8:

When Do I Get My New Property?

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Completion will take place once the sellers solicitor has confirmed that they have received all of the money that is due.

Once this is confirmed the seller will normally drop the keys into the estate agent ready for your collection.

Congratulations! You can now enjoy your new home.

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Want to know what your property worth?

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